We create underwear that cares for the planet as much as it cares for your butt and boobs. Our hemp and organic cotton is sustainably sourced, sensitively dyed and sewn in the UK.

Let's Get Ethical

We’re a big fan of thrifting, recycling and looking after the planet. Second hand underwear though? Nahhh...

So, we decided to create Haze Underthings, perfect bras and pants that are as good for the planet as they can be. 

Passionate About Pants

We worked hard on the design and fit of Haze Underthings.

We trialled, adjusted and tweaked until we landed on a pattern that was just right. A high-waisted pair of pants, cut to be flattering and leave you feeling snug and secure all day.

We battled long and hard with the thickness of the Bettie strap, making sure it gives support to your boobs whilst complimenting your chest. The length of the bodice means you can wear your Bettie under your clothes as a bra, or styled as a top.