We Are Haze

Perfect bras and pants ~ as good for the planet as they can be.

Hemp & organic cotton underwear, dyed and sewn in England with Oeko-Tex certified dyes.

Underthings That Lovingly Hold Your Butt and Boobs

Sustainable garments in sizes 6 - 20, all handmade in the UK by a female-led team & paid a London living wage.

Good Energy

We trialled, adjusted and tweaked until we landed on a cut that was just right; comfortable, flattering and leaving you feeling snug and secure all day.

Announcements, Inspiration & Words of Wisdom

  1. Slowing Down The Way We Shop: A Guest Post By Emma Lavelle

    I used to work in the fashion industry, and was definitely guilty of making a purchase without a second thought to how that garment was made, who worked on it, or the materials it was made from. A timely redundancy coincided with me becoming more aware of the wider impacts of my habits, and I began looking for a slower way of building a wardrobe, unearthing a growing number of small brands who were the antithesis of fast-fashion.

  2. Green Fingers: Why Hemp?

    Ok, it's no secret; we love hemp. Not only does its lovely, slubby, texture feel great against your skin, hemp also comes in pretty handy in the fight against climate change, since it absorbs more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than trees and other plants. Choosing hemp is a small, simple act that gives a little high-five to Mother Earth.

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